Discngine Sample
Web based sample tracking and registration software

Lifecycle management of chemical samples is crucial for a proficient research lab activity. Discngine offers LIMS solutions for biological sample management specifically tailored to small to medium sized labs & businesses.

Registering chemical and biological samples

Discngine Sample allows you to register any kind of chemical, biological & pharmaceutical sample. Register reception of novel chemical structures, siRNA, cells, plasmids, etc...

Tracking transformations of registered samples

1D and 2D barcode sample labeling is used to allow efficient tracking of registered samples. The chemical inventory software allows step by step registering of transformations that chemical, biological and pharmaceutical samples undergo. Reformatting operations like weighing, splitting, dilution of vials and plates are supported.

Efficient lab inventory management

Discngine Sample tracking enables users to efficiently manage storage containers of lab samples. Sample availability check and movement workflows are integrated for suit all needs of the lab staff. 

Purpose built pre-defined workflows

Solid inventory workflows

Pre-defined workflows allow straightforward registering of solid samples. Solubilization or solid splitting can be easily handled using Discngine Sample.

Liquid inventory workflows

The laboratory sample management application enables lab members to perform various tasks to manage chemicals and biological in liquid form. One can perform serial dilutions, plate replications & dilutions, plate splitting & pooling, aliquot extraction as well as cherry picking or tube picking operations.

Logistic workflows

Lost track of your sample? No problem, each sample container registered in the LIMS is labeled using a registered barcode. Easily manage refrigerated storage facilities or classical chemistry cup-boards.

Smooth lab integration

Discngine Sample can be easily integrated in your daily laboratory environment. The laboratory sample management software will work smoothly will established lab equipment like automated storage systems, balances and even pipetting robots.