BIOVIA ScienceCloud

Transform the way you run your externalized R&D project: multiple collaborators, single platform, one conversation.

Empower your virtual teams with a new generation of integrated, cloud-based applications built on a world-class platform. 

Stay in touch and communicate with your virtual teams using social networking designed for project-centered science. Make sociable Science.

ScienceCloud Applications


ScienceCloud offers secure collaborative project management and the ability to share project information (whether structured data or documents) using a unique social networking approach to scientific collaboration. 


A flexible, multi-disciplinary, low-cost-of-ownership electronic lab notebook empowers sponsor organizations and network partners to capture and share experimental methods.


Assay is an integral part of the collaborative discovery platform provided by ScienceCloud. It is a lightweight, easy to use web application for the analysis and management of plate based screening data.  It is workflow-based and combines visual analytics, large data storage and scientific capabilities in order to support fast and reproducible data transformation and analysis. 


A browser and mobile friendly approach to rapidly answering scientific questions, providing advanced scientific analysis and visualization for scientists. Built on the industry-standard BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot scientific authoring application, Pipette Analysis allows scientists to construct their own, informative analysis workflows for chemistry, biology, imaging and other scientific domains, and easily share results with colleagues.


A Pipeline Pilot-based environment for the creation and management of scientific services, implementation of standard business rules, and enabling of data integration between ScienceCloud and on-premises systems.


An open portal where scientists can publish and share Pipeline Pilot protocols (for example, reports created from ScienceCloud data), enhancing broad dissemination of essential research tools within the ScienceCloud community.

ScienceCloud home page with available apps (on the left) and a social platform (on the right).


Query form and result window following a registration in the Project Data application.

Pipette Analysis interactive workflow for manipulating compounds in the Project Data database.

Pipeline Pilot client used to create protocols and publish them into ScienceCloud (analysis protocol for Pipette for example).

A Secure Cloud Solution

Science is a cloud-based information management and collaboration workpace designed to support globally networked life science R&D. It allows customers and partners to efficiently access, share, and communicate critical information in a secure and timely manner.

ScienceCloud Security covers different topics, such as :

  • Information Security Management

  • Risk Management

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Security Best Practice

  • Access Control

  • Multi-Tenancy with Built-in Security

  • Data Classification and Isolation of Customer Data

  • Business Impact Analysis and Disaster Recover

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