Internship - Application Architect (6 months)

We’re looking for an application architect intern!

Starting January/February 2019 | Master’s Degree | Job Opportunity

About Discngine

Discngine is a dynamic life science software and service company situated in the heart of Paris. The purpose of the company is to develop innovative IT solutions to accelerate active compound discovery in life science. Our solutions are used by R&D Platforms existing in most companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and cosmetic industry. Discngine was founded in 2004 and has grown steadily ever since. We have big plans to expand over the next years and are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join the tribe.

At Discngine, we have adopted a horizontal management style. No boss is here to tell you exactly what to do, everyone’s input is considered by well… everyone - you’re responsible for your own work and are encouraged to play a part in the organization of the company. We work in an atmosphere based on trust, commitment, transparency, goodwill, simplicity and fun. To get a glimpse of the life at Discngine – check out our Instagram feed!

Job description

At Discngine many people are using a common core library. It’s been developed over the last 10 years and we would like to revamp it to fit with modern library design practices.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing a modular architecture for the new library

  • Designing a REST API based on the library

  • Establishing deployment strategy

  • Documenting

  • Setting automated testing infrastructure


You’ll be working with the following technologies using Scrum, an Agile methodology.

  • Databases: Oracle Database, PL/SQL, SQL

  • Test driven development

  • Web services: RESTful API

  • Source code management: Git (with GitHub

We’re looking for a highly-motivated application architect intern (masters or engineer degree) to join our R&D team. You should be passionate about application development, curious about the scientific area and interested in beer, wine and everything related to good food.


Interested? Send us your resume at (ref: Core internship)