Release the full potential of your data



3decision® is a first-in-class next generation structural knowledge management solution that provides cutting-edge structural analysis, disruptive design, modern integration - all in a standard web browser.

Get access to the entire structural knowledge space - annotated, curated and beautifully displayed. Dramatically increase your productivity on everyday redundant tasks involving the Protein Data Bank and UniProt. Exploit the full potential of your own structural data by registering historical data and new structures, along with your own models and validated docking poses. Speed up your discovery pipeline and enhance efficacy and safety of your molecules by using state of the art structural data and advanced structure analysis methodologies without any expert knowledge.


Network & Chemistry Collection

Bring the flexibility of networks into Pipeline Pilot. With the Discngine Network Collection you can represent, manage and analyse complex network structures using advanced graph theory. 

The Discngine Chemistry Component Collection is an extension to the standard Chemistry package for Pipeline Pilot. Generate and visualize scaffold networks, perform exhaustive molecular fragmentation or use Pharmacophore Graph to design powerful Matched Molecular Pairs analysis & lead hopping applications.