Discngine Connector

The integration of TIBCO Spotfire and BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot allows the creation of workflow based applications which combine advanced data access and manipulation with powerful interactive visualizations. 
The Discngine TIBCO Spotfire Connector is a component collection for Pipeline Pilot designed to greatly facilitate this integration.

Key Features

  • Export the results of any Pipeline Pilot protocol into the Spotfire client, including molecular and image data

  • Define advanced interactive visualizations using Pipeline Pilot components

  • Append additional data tables, columns or rows as a result of the execution of a protocol

  • Select records in Spotfire client and send them for further computation to Pipeline Pilot

  • Save and apply visualization templates in the Spotfire server library

  • Design interactive applications using our powerful Javascript API

  • Based on TIBCO Spotfire APIs: Analyst, Web Player and Data Functions

What's new in 4.1?

  • TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services Integration in Pipeline Pilot

  • Web Panel new event listener component on data table change

  • New Pipeline Pilot example protocol

Technical Requirements

  • TIBCO Spotfire 7.11+

  • Accelrys Enterprise Platform 9.2+, BIOVIA Foundation 9.5+, BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot 2016+

With Discngine’s connector, we think that we can make a big step change in our organization’s ability to utilize our data by replacing our current reporting tools with Spotfire
— Senior Research Fellow, Global Top 10 Chemical Company
Demonstration of basic functions of the Connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot