Discngine Sample

Lifecycle management of samples is crucial for proficient research lab activity. Discngine offers advanced solutions for biological and chemical sample management and tracking. From registration to advanced sampling processes, Discngine Sample exposes easy-to-use processing workflows for Chemists, Biologists and Sample Managers.

Integrated with robotic equipment, barcode printers and balances, Discngine Sample is used to address such aspects as: compound management, screening operations, registration, ordering, shipping, biobanking, automated storage management etc.

Key Features

  • Workflow based application

    • End-users are guided all along the various processes used in sample management operations

    • Piped jobs allow to chain complex operations with maximum traceability

  • Single platform for liquid and solid inventory management & tracking

  • Robotic equipment, barcode printers and balance integration

  • User administrated processing workflows

  • User centric management of entities and dictionaries

  • Job based system ensuring fine audit trail and tracking

  • High level of performance: 100% of the code is executed by Oracle SQL core


Built-in Workflows

Solid samples

  • Vial registration

  • Sampling

  • Solubilization

Liquid samples

  • Plates & Rack registration

  • Plate creation (from vials/racks)

  • Replication

  • Reformating

  • Split

  • Pooling

  • Serial dilution

  • Aliquoting

  • Cherry-picking

  • Tube-picking (manual and automated)


  • Registration

  • Container creation

  • Container editing

  • Moves


An example of a workflow of Vial Aliquoting in Discngine Sample

This application allowed us to meet our growing internal distribution of our customers compounds. We have a fluid management system that enables us to better handle our stocks in real time. This tool was parametrized to meet the needs that we identified at the beginning of the project, and we were able to update the environment regularly.
The partnership and climate of trust were quickly established between our companies. Today we are very satisfied with Discngine Sample and we could never go back
— Production Manager - Eurofins CEREP