Designing and building Scientific applications for Life science Research

Our staff is multidisciplinary and combines chemoinformatics, molecular modeling and/or bioinformatics expertise with advanced informatics skills. Our recognized technical and scientific expertises combined with our reliable partners allows us to have a short ramp up time, react quickly to changes in project directions and bring the right approach to deliver on time and to satisfy users.

Tailored development Addressing your Unmet needs

Service as a Software. If the solution does not exist yet, we are developing it with you.


Working in life science research is pushing the limit beyond current knowledge, especially when the primary goal is to discover new molecules that will shape tomorrow’s world. In addition to this challenge, scientists probably have to face another one, finding the right tool(s) to help them accomplish the first one.

Recently, technology tremendously transformed the world of scientific research by reducing the time and costs needed for new discoveries and is expected to continue this way. Nevertheless, in this state of the art discipline, finding the perfect tool to address very specific needs is nearly impossible for a simple reason, it has not been invented yet!

Discngine services activity is here to help research scientists and innovative companies build the perfect solution to help them reach their goals and discover what will compose tomorrow’s world.

Therefore, if you have an unmet need or an only partially addressed challenge, our dual-skilled team of experts will help design the perfect IT solution meeting your needs. And thus, avoid loosing the time developing it by yourself in order to focus on what matters; Science.


of our consultants have multiple expertises and are trained internally to our technologies


of our services activity is realized remotely, mainly for US-based companies


of the top 10 pharma companies use Discngine solutions or services.


A great tool is…a great tool. Great tools smoothly operating together make a great working environment.


Choosing to implement a new software solution is often linked to the improvement of a business process. But, implementing a new solution usually arise data quality and compatibility issues as well as interoperability with other applications.

Nevertheless, the new solution shouldn’t have to revolutionize the way the entire company is working. It should enable the scientific team to improve the involved process and have the minimum impact on other processes either upstream or downstream.

As a software editor, we often encounter this challenge and pay close attention that the software solution we provide is smoothly integrated in the IT ecosystem of our customers when our project end.

If you choose one of our application, the solution of one of our partners or another providers, our integration services will make possible for you to have your favorites apps work perfectly together. Therefore you can benefit from the desired efficiency improvement of your business process without affecting the rest of your company’s processes.


« Experience wins the day »


Why change an application that is old if it is still effective? Sometimes systems update or migrations is forcing research teams to reconsider the solution they had previously acquired or develop. To avoid this situation it is important to consider how the solution is developed as much as what the code provides.

Fortunately, refactoring an application can be the solution when companies face this challenge. Restructuring existing software without changing its behavior is one of the primary means of repaying technical debt. Discngine can help redevelop or recode an already existing application with the sustainability in mind as we do for our own solutions.

Refactoring a solution with Discngine services will help you incorporate sustainability and maintainability in the solution. Another benefit of refactoring is the extensibility you add to the software. In case you want to add specific features in the future, having a code that is prepared for it will make you gain precious time.

Other services


Discngine experience in research and laboratory informatics can help you create new environments for your research. We are able to provide advice on IT ecosystems or solutions with a precise understanding of your scientific needs.


We provide high quality training either on our solutions or on our partners solutions. Our trainings can be dispensed on-site or remotely and are always adapted to your needs. Thanks to the multiple expertises of our consultants we are able to adapt to your use cases and provide pertinent trainings or workshops.


Discngine is also able to provide Level 3 or Tier III support for software solutions.
Our experts can help you resolve the most-difficult problems in the back-end of your application.