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3decision® is a first-in-class next generation structural knowledge management solution that provides cutting-edge structural analysis, disruptive design, modern integration - all in a standard web browser.

Get access to the entire structural knowledge space - annoted, curated and beautifully displayed. Dramatically increase your productivity on everyday redundant tasks involving the Protein Data Bank and UniProt. Exploit the full potential of your own structural data by registering historical data and new structures, along with your own models and validated docking poses. Speed up your discovery pipeline and enhance efficacy and safety of your molecules by using state of the art structural data and advanced structure analysis methodologies without any expert knowledge.

More information: 3decision Website

Discngine Qualification

Discngine Qualification offers an efficient way to evaluate and track the accuracy of robotic  processes along the lifespan of the  pipetting platforms by combining the analyses of gravimetry and colorimetry data. Register platforms and associated processes (plate reader, solvent, liquid classes). Launch your robotic processes, generate output files and upload them to Discngine Qualification to perform QA/QC. Link the analyses to a qualification campaign, track results over time and easily detect biases. Share results and statistics with your colleagues and partners with the cloud version or export data in convenient file formats.

More information: Qualification Website

TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot

The integration of TIBCO Spotfire and BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot allows the creation of workflow based applications which combine advanced data access and manipulation with powerful interactive visualizations. The Discngine TIBCO Spotfire Connector is a component collection for Pipeline Pilot designed to greatly facilitate this integration.

Discngine Assay

Design and manage your screening campaigns using Discngine Assay. Our Oracle based platform covers analysis of cellular, molecular and high content screening. Fully integrated with your lab equipment, Discngine Assay can be adapted to your needs and thus extended to very specific types of analyses. Last but not least, Discngine Assay is fully compatible with Discngine Sample, our Sample Management and Tracking platform as well as Discngine Decision.

Discngine Sample

Lifecycle management of samples is crucial for proficient research lab activity. Discngine offers advanced solutions for biological and chemical sample management and tracking. From registration to advanced sampling processes, Discngine Sample exposes easy-to-use processing workflows for Chemists, Biologists and Sample Managers.

Integrated with robotic equipment, barcode printers and balances, Discngine Sample is used to address such aspects as: compound management, screening operations, registration, ordering, shipping, biobanking, automated storage management etc.

Discngine Decision

Speed up your decision-making process and deepen the understanding of experimental outcomes using Discngine Decision. Our business intelligence tool allows you to gather, analyze & visualize multivariate data within Tibco Spotfire to interpret and combine experimental results in order to rationally and intellegently design the next steps of your R&D projects.

Network Collection

Bring the flexibility of networks into Pipeline Pilot. With the Discngine Network Collection you can represent, manage and analyse complex network structures using advanced graph theory.  The collection Includes capabilities such as clique detection, shortest path identification and the merging/unmerging of sub graphs as well as the ability to export subnetworks to popular visualization tools like GraphViz, Cytoscape and Gephi.

Chemistry Collection

The Discngine Chemistry Component Collection is an extension to the standard Chemistry package for Pipeline Pilot. Generate and visualize scaffold networks, perform exhaustive molecular fragmentation or use Pharmacophore Graph to design powerful Matched Molecular Pairs analysis & lead hopping applications.

Scientific Consulting

Discngine offers a wide breadth of scientific and technical consulting services. Hire highly skilled scientists & technicians to get a fresh viewpoint on your projects and the necessary workforce to successfully complete your in-house projects. Our staff is multidisciplinary and combines chemoinformatics, molecular modeling and/or bioinformatics expertise with advanced informatics skills. This allows us to have a short ramp up time, react quickly to changes in project directions and bring the right approach to deliver on time and to a satisfied user base.

Custom Development and Integration

Discngine has a track record of delivering custom software development services to research driven organisations on time and to budget. Our IT specialists have the experience to be able to deliver against our customers’ requirements in areas where key technologies such as Databases, Visual Analytics & Workflow software are key to success.