Discngine Scientific Consulting

Discngine offers a wide breadth of scientific and technical consulting services. 

Hire highly skilled scientists & technicians to get a fresh viewpoint on your projects and the necessary workforce to successfully complete your in-house projects.

Our staff is multidisciplinary and combines chemoinformatics, molecular modeling and/or bioinformatics expertise with advanced informatics skills. This allows us to have a short ramp up time, react quickly to changes in project directions and bring the right approach to deliver on time and to a satisfied user base.

Three areas of expertise


Our scientific staff development team understand your needs in Chemoinformatics research and development. Encouraged by a strong research activity, we constantly develop new methods and products. An example of this is our Chemoinformatics collections for Pipeline Pilot integrating novel technologies allowing users to analyse SAR data, perform scaffold hopping or Matched Moiecular Pairs analysis.

We have significant experience in the following areas:

  • Ligand based virtual screening

  • Diversity analysis

  • Molecular decomposition

  • QSAR modeling

  • Graph based analyses

Key papers by members of staff:

High content/throughput screening

As former Pfizer IT specialists we have an in depth knowledge of management and analysis of high content screening data. Discngine Assay is our purpose built platform for performing a wide range of analyses of high and low throughput screening campaigns. In addition, we also offer scientific consulting to tailor Discngine Assay to the individual needs of our customers.

Key papers by members of staff: