BIOVIA - ISV and Consulting Partner


BIOVIA - ISV and Consulting Partner


Our partnership agreement with BIOVIA - Accelrys enables us to develop innovative research informatics software on top of the BIOVIA Foundation (formerly Accelrys Enterprise Platform). As a result our software is fully compatible with any BIOVIA product also built on the platform (such as Pipeline Pilot) and has led to us having extensive experience providing consulting services around them. 

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Accelrys becomes BIOVIA

Annouced during the Accelrate UGM Meeting 2014 in Washington D.C., Accelrys becomes BIOVIA!

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Collections for BIOVIA - Accelrys Enterprise Platform

Having been an independent software vendor (ISV) partner since SciTegic (now BIOVIA) launched the program over 10 years ago, we know just how powerful a tool like Pipeline Pilot can be for your day to day activities. Indeed, the application was core to the activities of Discngine founders when they worked as Research IT specialists for Pfizer back in the early 00’s. 

At Discngine we understand that although one of the main benefits of using BIOVIA - Accelrys Enterprise Platform is that it can be extended by the user using a variety of programming languages, not everyone has the time or the inclination to do so. After all, even with a tool like Pipeline Pilot it’s challenging enough to complete project deadlines on time without the burden of having to develop additional components yourself.

The Pipeline Pilot savvy developers at Discngine have therefore developed a series of additional component collections to extend its capabilities in specific key areas. These collections solve the following types of challenges that expert users of Pipeline Pilot often come across:

Network Collection

Bring the flexibility of networks into Pipeline Pilot. With the Discngine Network Collection you can represent, manage and analyse complex network structures using advanced graph theory. 

The collection Includes capabilities such as clique detection, shortest path identification and the merging/unmerging of sub graphs as well as the ability to export subnetworks to popular visualization tools like GraphViz, Cytoscape and Gephi.

Chemistry Collection

The Discngine Chemistry Component Collection is an extension to the standard Chemistry package for Pipeline Pilot. Generate and visualize scaffold networks, perform exhaustive molecular fragmentation or use Pharmacophore Graph to design powerful Matched Molecular Pairs analysis & lead hopping applications.

TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot

The integration of TIBCO Spotfire and BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot allows the creation of workflow based applications which combine advanced data access and manipulation with powerful interactive visualizations. 
The Discngine TIBCO Spotfire Connector is a component collection for Pipeline Pilot designed to greatly facilitate this integration.