Most of us have a dual competence (for instance biology/chemistry + computer science) and an education level that ranges from Master’s degrees to postdoctoral experiences.

With Trust and Fulfilment as two of our core values, we try to create a healthy and welcoming environment. We will help you settle in when you first arrive and we are available whether you need help, advice or simply a break.

With a medium age of 30, we are a pretty young team too! If you are interested in joining us, here are some important statistics to help you make up your mind

# nationalities: 6
# people afraid of flying: 4
# coffee drinkers: 29
# people who run: 8
# video game nerds: 10
# kick scooter users: 3

# salsa dancers: 5
# didgeridoo players: 1
# parents: 12
# Game of Thrones fans: 19
# rock climbing enthusiasts: 6
# people with beard: 14