Our Dual-Skilled team

Our staff is multidisciplinary and combines chemoinformatics, molecular modeling and/or bioinformatics expertise with advanced informatics skills.

The dual expertise of our team members guarantees you an outstanding quality of dialogue and understanding of your scientific use cases.

This allows us to have a short ramp up time, react quickly to changes in project directions and bring the right approach to save a considerable amount of time and to a satisfied user base.
They provide a fresh viewpoint and the necessary workforce to successfully complete your in-house projects.

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A Problem-solving mindset

We believe that focusing on your goal and the solution to achieve it is often most time and cost effective than focusing on the problem. All the solutions we offer to you are at the service of finding yours.

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Based on sustainable technologies

We want to become a key partner for life science researchers by developing state-of-the-art IT solutions. To do this, we offer a large range of software and services that can be combined to create the perfect solution.

With sustainability and durability in mind, we focus on the value we bring to you, hard-coding when necessary, using and integrating off-the-shelf solutions when possible. We choose technologies and architectures to build high-end and sustainable solutions quickly to the team.

Stating from a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we are able to implement other features quickly by interacting with the team on a regular basis. This flexibility is often appreciated by our customer as it is also reflected on our terms of services.

Some of our technical expertises are: Databases, Workflow Software, Visual Analytics, Web Environments, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Robotics platforms, LIMS.

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Using Agile methodologies

We have resolutely chosen agile methods, because they guarantee you security, frugality, ROI and speed. We are using them daily in our software editing activities and are always looking for improvements (Kaizen is one of our values).

New suggestions are developed in an iterative way. Elaborated and tested the closest possible to operation teams. Using agile methodologies minimizes the risks, meet the deadlines and give the client more control and influence on the end result.

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Our software edition experience is at your service

By choosing Discngine, the quality required for the software edition activity will be found in your solution. In our code, architecture and even in our management style, the highest quality is expected from Discngine’s team. When selecting our services, you can be reassured that you will benefit from it.