Due to our strong company culture, Discngine offers a friendly and exciting work environment. Things move fast, completely new projects are started on a regular basis. We take to heart that everyone’s opinion can be expressed and heard. Check out our Twitter feed, or the Instagram pictures at the bottom of the page, to get a sneak peek into Discngine employees’ daily life.



Discngine’s main office is located in the heart of Paris, right next to Bastille. About 2/3 of us work here and the rest of us are located on different client sites. This work arrangement is quite flexible and adapts to the employees’ wishes and the clients’ needs.


Once a year, we enjoy a couple of days “off-site”


Once a year we all enjoy a couple of days «off-site», during which we work on a common theme. It is also the occasion to create deeper relationship with your colleagues around games, music, beers etc. Our goal is to continuously improve Discngine. For the last couple of years, the theme was SCRUM, Reinventing Organizations (Teal), and Lean start-up.


Want to play some video game during the lunch break?

Try out the new escape game in town, take a drink after work or plan a trip to Mauritius? Chances are you will find a couple of colleagues that want to join you.