Do more with Spotfire and Pipeline Pilot: the Discngine Connector v4.0 is out! by Claire Wallon

What's new in TIBCO Spotfire Connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot v4.0

TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services integration

You can now to programmatically control the creation, modification, export of a DXP file from the Pipeline Pilot server. Combined with the Pipeline Pilot Data Functions, these new components and automation tasks can prepare new DXP files with dynamic content and deliver them to end-users on-demand or based on schedule.

Real Time Data Synchronization for Spotfire Analyst

When developing Pipeline Pilot workflows for Spotfire Analyst, developers can now activate a real time data synchronization option. When activated, all or a specific list of data tables available in the Spotfire client will be mirrored with a Pipeline Pilot Data cache. This option greatly simplifies the development of advanced workflows where end-users might import and modify data tables on their end.

Release notes

A solution for every use case

Job position - Oracle/Web Developer by Thomas Blarre

Discngine is one of the leading independent life sciences research software integrators and application developers.

SAW_V3.5.2_Assay_Well Validation.PNG

From its inception in 2004 our mantra has been to deliver scientific solutions in order to transform the R&D centers research systems into innovative and intelligent discovery platforms.

Discngine acts as a partner in each phase of the client project, from the design to the delivery of a software solution that supports any research process. Discngine is a dynamic company capitalizing on key skills, rooted in the well-established quality of its consultants.

In order to enforce our R&D team we are hiring a highly-motivated web developer with design knowledge who will work in our main offices in Paris (France).


What you will be assigned to 

You will join the SCRUM team developing the Sample, Assay and Warehouse solutions ( and will take care of:

  • Analysis and edition of technical specifications
  • Applications conception and development
  • Modelling and functional analysis
  • Integration of scientific software packages
  • Integration and non-regression testing
  • Continuous maintenance and correction of applications
  • Documentation, in French and English

The profile we are looking for

You have a Master’s Degree, an Engineering Degree or an equivalent degree in Informatics, and have acquired significative development experience. You are passionate about application development, especially in the Research area. You are proficient in:

  • Relational databases: Oracle Database, PL/SQL, SQL
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, REST web services
  • Versioning tools: Git

Knowing the development framework Oracle Application Express ( can make a difference.

You can efficiently discuss technical aspects in English.

You are autonomous, you can adapt to different application domains, you are attentive to feedback and you show methodological rigour.

You are willing to embrace the company’s project.

You have nurtured analytical, synthetical skills, and wish to deliver.

You work well with people, and in a team, you favour internal cooperation.

Send us your resume!

Your salary will depend on your profile and experience. You will be based in Paris, 79 avenue Ledru-Rollin.

You can contact us at jobs _ at _

Visit us at BioIT World 2017 Conference & Expo in Boston by Eric Le Roux

Join us at BioIT World 2017 Conference & Expo, from May 23rd to May 25th. Take the opportunity to meet our discovery informatics specialists : Dani, Sebastien, Peter and Vincent on booth #121.

Be one the first to try out our new product 3decision®. See for more info. A poster will be presented too, an abstract is available here

Get an update on our products for high throughput Discovery (Assay, Sample, Warehouse & Qualifcation) and try them live!

A preview of the newest version (4.0) of our TIBCO Spotfire Connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot will also be available.

On Wednesday 24th, in the Data Computing track, attend to a joint presentation with AbbVie: AIDEAS 3.0: The New Generation Cheminformatics Platform

AIDEAS is an integrated Cheminformatics solution that has brought together several scientific applications and methods under a single umbrella. This presentation will discuss the technology on which AIDEAS 3.0 is built and the scientific application built within AIDEAS 3.0. Examples will be presented to showcase the ability of AIDEAS to provide advanced scientific workflows within one of the best visual analytics frameworks that allows users to share information and define multiple analysis templates in a facile way.
— Rishi Gupta, Senior Research Scientist, Platform Informatics and Knowledge Management, AbbVie, Inc. and Vincent Le Guilloux, Scientific Project Manager, Discngine S.A.S



Position - Web developer / designer by Daniel Alvarez

Discngine is one of the leading independent life sciences research software integrators and application developers.

From its inception in 2004 our mantra has been to deliver scientific solutions in order to transform the R&D centers research systems into innovative and intelligent discovery platforms.

Discngine acts as a partner in each phase of the client project, from the design to the delivery of a software solution that supports any research process. Discngine is a dynamic company capitalizing on key skills, rooted in the well-established quality of its consultants.

In order to enforce our R&D team we are hiring a highly-motivated web developer with design knowledge who will work in our main offices in Paris (France).


In an agile development environment you will fulfill the following missions:

  • Be in charge of the front-end development for corporate scientific tools
  • Assist and guide the design of the web app interfaces of all company solutions
  • Participate in the backend development with the rest of the team


The ideal candidate will have experience using some of these technologies:

  • Strong web development skills using latest technologies: HTML5, angular.js, d3.js, css3, threejs. Cross-browser compatibility issues, user handling, etc.
  • Database development and use: Oracle, SQL & PL/SQL.
  • Linux and Windows environments, ideally at admin level.
  • Scientific software and scientific programming is a plus


You are an expert web developer using latest technologies with a minimum experience of 2 years working in a professional environment. You develop modern and beautiful web interfaces that grant a good user experience.

You have good communication skills and can expose and understand complex technical problems with ease. You like team work and you’re not afraid of complex environments. Autonomous and curious, you like to take initiatives. You are interested in modern project management methods (agile methods) and novel human resources approaches (reinventing organizations).

Your English is fluent.


35 to 50K€, depending on skills and experience

Apply before

30th April 2017


jobs _ at _

Forum Labo Paris 2017 by Alexandre Perret

Come visit us at our booth #J35 in Forum Labo 2017 Paris (March 28th to 30th).
We will gladly discuss your projects and demonstrate our solutions for screening, compound management and robotic processes qualification. This year a new version of Discngine Qualification (formerly QPLIMS) will be presented, please find below the preliminary results on the survey we ran in the robotic labs community in partnership with ElrigFr.

Click for details...

Click for details...

Happy New Year to everybody! Best wishes from Paris! by Eric Le Roux

We wish you all a very successful new year!

This year our greeting card is introducing a brand new field of activity for discngine. Structural bioinformatics, knowledge management and decision making will be integrative parts of a new product launched early 2017 called 3decision. We aim to introduce a complete paradigm shift on structural analytics and visualization to rapidly shape a new way of handling structural information and knowledge in the public and private domain!

Keep yourself updated on the product launch and all exciting news about our other products by following us on twitter linkedin

Greeting Card 2017


And as usual, find below all greeting cards from the inception of discngine till today!

Spice up your TIBCO Spotfire documents with the new release 3.4 of the Pipeline Pilot Connector by Claire Wallon

This new release is compatible with TIBCO Spotfire 7.6 and Pipeline Pilot 2017

What's New in 3.4

TIBCO Spotfire Web Player Composite Mashup

Combine Pipeline Pilot report elements and Spotfire Visual Analytics elements in a single page (requires Spotfire 7.5+)

New Registration interface for Pipeline Pilot Data Functions

Registered data functions can be browse through the Spotfire Library representation or the Pipeline PIlot XMLDB representation

Improved SBDF Reader/Writer

Date and Time format are now supported


See live demos at the Spotfire European User Group meeting

Discngine will present the latest version of the connector during the "2016 Data Analytics & R&D Informatics User Conference"

The 2016 Data Analysis and R&D Informatics User Conferences have been designed to offer insights and value for the full breadth of the TIBCO Spotfire® community – from Academia, Industry, Business Managers, and IT professionals. We have an exciting line up of Speakers, case studies, interactive demos and networking opportunities.

Hear how industry leaders are using TIBCO Spotfire® software to build robust enterprise solutions to speed up Research and leverage the full potential of their experiments.

Don’t miss your chance to meet industry leaders, your peers and take away key learnings and TIBCO Spotfire® skills that will change the way your data looks forever.

Discngine - Sponsor of the upcoming German Conference on Chemoinformatics by Peter Schmidtke


We decided to reiterate our support to the German Conference on Chemoinformatics to be held in Fulda in November this year. 

You will have the chance to meet Daniel Alvarez-Garcia and myself at our booth and learn more about our TIBCO Spotfire Connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot, the Pipeline Pilot Component Collections or our latest developments on Sample & Assay. In case you are very insisting, we will also present you a few things about our very exciting R&D pipeline of products to be launched in 2017.

Also make sure to attend my talk on Monday 7th November at 11:40am entitled "Practices in Structure Based Drug Design: A Huge Waste of Resources?". In this perspective I'll resume current practices and trends in structure based drug design to handle experimentally resolved structures and their derived information. I will particularly focus on the obstacles to achieve a good return on investment, discussing near future perspectives and solutions.

Last but not least, we also bring our PhD Student Nicolas Shinada with us and he will present a poster on very, very early results entitled "Beyond the classical view of molecular interactions in protein-ligand recognition". Make sure to stop by his poster and challenge him a bit!

Looking forward meeting you in Fulda!


4th Discngine internal Agile development summit by Ariane Allain

Last week, was held in Paris the 4th Discngine internal Agile development summit. On Tuesday and Wednesday 11-12 of July, our Agile coach Claude Aubry gathered together the enthusiastic Discngine developers in the heart of Paris for a two-day dive into the inner working of SCRUM.
Through Flapex, a fictive home-made application, we experimented the whole life cycle of a SCRUM team. As usual, Claude alternated presentations with fun games and workshops to sharpen our SCRUM skills. To give you a taste of our agenda, we tackled release, sprint, planning, story mapping, story refinement, review, retrospectives…
Thanks to Claude for being one more time such a great SCRUM half !
Thanks to the team Agile Tribu for hosting us in their premises at a stone’s throw from our new Parisian offices in Avenue Ledru-Rollin !



Discngine sponsor of the Chemoinformatics Summer School 2016 in Strasbourg by Alexandre Perret

For the first time, Discngine sponsors the Chemoinformatics Summer School in Strasbourg (CS3). Nicolas Shinada, Daniel Alvarez Garcia, Vincent Le Guilloux and Alexandre Perret take the opportunity to give a 2-hour workshop on how to conduct chemoinformatics research with BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot by using the BIOVIA and Discngine Chemistry Collections.

In this event, Daniel Alvarez Garcia will also present the last advances in a Discngine internal research project.

Come to visit us at our booth to get more information about the different projects at Discngine !

Meet us at booth #1 at the BIOVIA event in Boston on May 23rd to May 26th by Eric Le Roux

Discngine silver sponsor of  the BIOVIA event "Science In The Age Of Experience 2016"

It will be a nice opportunity to try out our applications and discuss with our CSO Peter Schmidtke, PhD and myself.

The latest versions of our collections for Pipeline Pilot (TIBCO Spotfire connector, Chemistry and Network) will be presented as well as our suite of data centric solutions for high throughput research: "Sample", "Assay", "Warehouse" and the future product "Workflow". Rendez-vous at booth #1 for demos.

"Sample" and "Assay" will be also available in the BIOVIA Product Gallery area (Playground).

I will present our recommended approach for software integration in the track "Collaborative Science in Life Sciences Research" on Wednesday 26th at 1:45PM.

Discngine solutions for Researchers:

Connect TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 with BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot 2016 by Vincent Le Guilloux

This new minor release (3.3) ensures compatibility with the latest versions of TIBCO Spotfire (7.5) and BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot (2016)

What's new


TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 is now supported.
BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot 2016 is now supported.

New sub-menu for the Discngine Web Panel tool

The sub-menu of the Discngine Web Panel tool exposes two options: new document creation and home page resetting

Minor changes and bugs fixed

Fixed bugs due to changes in TIBCO Spotfire 7.0+ panel management system

Multi Data Functions execution in a TIBCO Spotfire document

See it live!


MAY 23-27, 2016 | BOSTON, MA








This year, Discngine sponsors the ELRIGfr event on Lab Automation, Formulation and Phenotypic Screening. Jean-Philippe Laval, Fabrice Casagrande and myself (Alexandre) will be happy to welcome you at booth #8 to show you the latest versions of our Assay & Sample products.

Discngine Assay Screenshot

Discngine Sample Screenshot

Also, make sure to assist our snapshot session on Tuesday 3rd, afternoon for the launch of Sample & Assay.

Looking forward to seeing you there. 

New release (3.2) of the TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot by Eric Le Roux

We are pleased to announce the availability of the version 3.2 of the Discngine TIBCO Spotfire connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot!

Faster Direct Data Upload to Pipeline Pilot server
The Discngine TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot v3.2 improves considerably the
“TIBCO Spotfire Upload Data Table” Pipeline Pilot component. This component allows users
to upload TIBCO Spotfire data directly to the Pipeline Pilot server. This component has been
rebuilt and now it uses a new Pipeline Pilot API that allows improving the performance of this

Pipeline Pilot Data functions Security and Data Caching
Data Functions are now storing your Pipeline Pilot Session ID in a different manner, which
facilitates the security and reuse of this session ID. Session ID is now stored in the user
preferences and it is not dependent on the TIBCO Spotfire document. However, changes are
keeping backwards compatibility with old TIBCO Spotfire Documents that were using
previous saving method.
In the WebPlayer context, users can now authenticate against the Pipeline Pilot server.Data Function result set cache is now controlled at registration time.

Pipeline Pilot authentication form in Spotfire Web Player

Pipeline Pilot authentication form in Spotfire Web Player

Improved Javascript API Documentation
The javascript API comes with an improved documentation that allows users to navigate
through easily and find the right information quicker.

Network Collection 2016 brings Formal Concept Analysis to your desktops by Peter Schmidtke

We are pleased to announce the release of the Network Component Collection 2016 for Pipeline Pilot. Among a few improvements we are very excited to bring our first components unleashing the power of formal concept analysis (FCA) on your desktops & servers. Take also a look on our new features in the Chemistry Collection.

What can you do with formal concept analysis (FCA)?

This analytical method allows to gain deeper insights into your data by enabling currently underutilized datamining paradigms in cheminformatics. The scope of FCA is very large, but we have focused on bringing FCA to cheminformatics and screening data analysis as this is what we know best! 
Nevertheless, you can use our generic FCA components to perform analyses in various other fields where data-mining is important.

The brand new release comes with components and protocols allowing natural fuzzy clustering...give it a try, your Medicinal Chemists will love it. Furthermore we are very soon releasing the app built in collaboration with GSK to perform target deconvolution of phenotypic screening results. Results from this collaboration have already been presented by Nicola Richmond (GSK) at the German Conference on Cheminformatics (GCC2015) in Fulda, Germany.

Example of clustering result using formal concept analysis and the Discngine Network Collection.

What is formal concept analysis (FCA)?

FCA originated in the early 80's in the group of Wille, Ganter & Burmeister at the university of Darmstadt. The principle aim is to organize data composed of objects and their attributes into a concept hierarchy. A concept is a set of objects that all share the same set of attributes and as such, FCA is an excellent way for performing human understandable and natural multi-parametric clustering tasks. The output of FCA is a hierarchically ordered collection of formal concepts, a formal concept lattice. This lattice also allows to derive very useful attribute implications. 

What do you get with this release?

Within the 2016 release you will get access to three new components allowing to build:

  • Generic concept lattices between whatever sets of user-defined objects and attributes (strings)
  • Molecular concept lattices, where objects are molecules and attributes are fragments of the molecules following user-defined fragmentation schemes
  • Phenotypic screening lattices, which is a component integrating a few nifty bits and pieces using FCA for performing target deconvolution of phenotypic screening assays

The collection also includes sample protocols showing how to use the components. Two sample applications will be released shortly and will include functional apps showing compound clustering and phenotypic screening results analysis.


This release is officially supported for Pipeline Pilot 2016 & 9.x.


Chemistry Collection 2016 is out now by Peter Schmidtke

New features

Jointly with our Network Collection, this fresh release brings a few nifty little components allowing our pharmacophore graph (Discngine's reduced graph implementation for Pipeline Pilot) components to efficiently handle molecular conformations and macromolecular structures:

  • Group all conformations of a molecule into a hierarchical data record associated to one pharmacophore graph
  • Calculate average pharmacophore graphs for a set of conformations
  • Use RMSD or distance weighted RMSD values during pharmacophore matching to filter only for interesting conformations
  • Apply rotation & translation matrices obtained during pharmacophore graph superimposition to Pipeline Pilot molecular and macromolecular objects

Example of superimposition of 2 ATP molecules from two crystal structures (1atp & 3k5h) and their structural contexts. Two different protein folds bind the same conformation of ATP.


The recursive fragmentation component allows now to consider also hydrogens situated on aromatic cycles during the fragmentation process. This is fully optional and can be easily triggered in the component parameters. When building fragment replacement applications you can use this feature to systematically consider all substitution sites on aromatic rings. 

The component collection is now shipped with regression testing protocols. Thus you can now easily check the installation on your local servers.


The chemistry collection is officially supported for Pipeline Pilot 2016 & 9.x and regression tests have been tailored to these Pipeline Pilot releases. 


Discngine Assay goes Responsive by Grégory Mercier

The brand new version 3.5 of Discngine Assay & Sample is out now. We ship our advanced web-based solutions now with a greatly improved user interface using a fresh responsive HTML5 look. 

Improved HTML5-based UI for a better user experience

Discngine Assay & Sample users now have access to smart adaptive layouts and powerful navigation controls on virtually any type of device.

Screening analysis and compound management on the go with Assay & Sample 3.5.  

Discngine Assay

Easy-to-use processing and analysis of screening campaigns in a full featured web-based environment. Enable advanced visual analytics to make the right decisions. Discngine Assay is compatible with TIBCO Spotfire Analyst & Web Player.

Discngine Sample

Seamless web-based solution for your biological & chemical sample management and tracking.


New Year, New Offices! by Eric Le Roux

Discngine wishes you a very successful new year.  Today is our first day in our new, nicer and bigger :-) offices located at 79 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75012 Paris, France. Feel free to stop by and say hello!