Discngine and AbbVie, winners of the Innovative Practices Award at Bio-IT 2019!

Discngine and AbbVie, winners of the Innovative Practices Award at Bio-IT 2019!

We are excited to have received BioIT World’s prestigious Innovative Practices Award together with AbbVie for our co-develoment of 3decision!

This award recognizes “partnerships and projects pushing our industry forward, striving to highlight strategies that can be widely shared and implemented across the industry to improve the quality, pace, and reach of our science”. Read full announcement here.


Although wildly used, protein 3D structures are far from being exploited to their full potential in today’s structure-based drug discovery projects. The major hurdles lie in the inconsistent data persistence and the complexity of analyzing structural data. Moreover, the analysis of structural data is often limited to domain experts and not available to all members in the project.  

Together with Discngine, Abbvie has addressed these pitfalls by co-developing 3decision - a web-based platform for storing, analyzing and sharing of structural data. The solution allows Abbvie to transform a massive amount of data coming from in-house and public 3D structures and sequences, into applicable knowledge for drug discovery projects. 

3decision has a strong focus on the collaborative aspects within SBDD projects. The user interface allows all types of users to easily generate, test and connect their ideas with each other.  

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Discngine launched 3decision as a commercial product in 2018 and continues to evolve trough frequent & agile release cycles. We offer a free evaluation of the solution and can provide different licencing models. For more information, check out 3decision’s website!