Discngine Qualification launches its First Webinar!

The First Discngine Qualification’s webinar!

How to evaluate and track the performance of your liquid handling processes?

Taking place on October 25th, at 4:00PM (CEST), our Discngine Qualification team will broadcast its first webinar!

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The webinar will be focusing on the combination of gravimetry and colorimetry data coming from a CyBio® Moduloplate™ balance and a BioTek ELx800™ absorbance reader, to illustrate how to: 
• Combine gravimetry and colorimetry data. 
• Validate your liquid handling processes in real operating conditions. 
• Identify drifts in dispense operations. 
• Monitor the accuracy and precision of your liquid handlers. 
• Share your QA/QC analyses with colleagues, partners and customers. 
You will discover how to evaluate the performance of liquid handlers using our new web-based application, Discngine Qualification

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