Happy new year and all the best for 2014

Discngine wishes you a very happy and successful new year.

If you know us already, you might be aware of our quite peculiar tradition at Discngine around the end of the year. Since the creation of the company we conceive and send out a nifty new years greeting card every year...with a different design every year. This years card is pretty green and focused on our move to the center of Paris. I guess you could spot a sort of sparse metro map and our new location.

Below a gallery of all our greeting cards so far :

If you are already a Discngine customer you might know about our second tradition...."Les Chatines". Most of you certainly do not know what that means and I will not unravel the mystery here. You have to try by yourself...but this year's "Chatines" are out now...and they look like this :