Discngine Assay goes Responsive

The brand new version 3.5 of Discngine Assay & Sample is out now. We ship our advanced web-based solutions now with a greatly improved user interface using a fresh responsive HTML5 look. 

Improved HTML5-based UI for a better user experience

Discngine Assay & Sample users now have access to smart adaptive layouts and powerful navigation controls on virtually any type of device.

Screening analysis and compound management on the go with Assay & Sample 3.5.  

Discngine Assay

Easy-to-use processing and analysis of screening campaigns in a full featured web-based environment. Enable advanced visual analytics to make the right decisions. Discngine Assay is compatible with TIBCO Spotfire Analyst & Web Player.

Discngine Sample

Seamless web-based solution for your biological & chemical sample management and tracking.