New release (3.2) of the TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot

We are pleased to announce the availability of the version 3.2 of the Discngine TIBCO Spotfire connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot!

Faster Direct Data Upload to Pipeline Pilot server
The Discngine TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot v3.2 improves considerably the
“TIBCO Spotfire Upload Data Table” Pipeline Pilot component. This component allows users
to upload TIBCO Spotfire data directly to the Pipeline Pilot server. This component has been
rebuilt and now it uses a new Pipeline Pilot API that allows improving the performance of this

Pipeline Pilot Data functions Security and Data Caching
Data Functions are now storing your Pipeline Pilot Session ID in a different manner, which
facilitates the security and reuse of this session ID. Session ID is now stored in the user
preferences and it is not dependent on the TIBCO Spotfire document. However, changes are
keeping backwards compatibility with old TIBCO Spotfire Documents that were using
previous saving method.
In the WebPlayer context, users can now authenticate against the Pipeline Pilot server.Data Function result set cache is now controlled at registration time.

Pipeline Pilot authentication form in Spotfire Web Player

Pipeline Pilot authentication form in Spotfire Web Player

Improved Javascript API Documentation
The javascript API comes with an improved documentation that allows users to navigate
through easily and find the right information quicker.