We're launching our very first Webinar!

On April 26th at 4 pm CET, we're broadcasting our very first live Webinar - Biomolecular structures: How to maximize the value of what you already have. Save your seat by registering today!

In this introductory webinar, our speaker Dr. Peter Schmidtke, Scientific Project Manager at Discngine, will list current pitfalls in structure-based drug discovery and introduce how we are intending to address these in our cloud-based solution 3decision®.

We will also show use cases highlighting the importance of good data management, persistence as well as proper handling of metadata in the scope of structure-based drug design projects.

Last, we will show an outline of the next decades of structure generation, emphasizing why proper structure management will become increasingly important.

This is the first Webinar in a series that will cover the benefits and potential of good structural knowledge management. Space will be limited, click to register!