Discngine Qualification : Product Award Finalist at SLAS Europe conference 2018!

This Summer, Discngine participated to the SLAS Europe conference 2018, the first European meeting of the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening.

It took place from the 27th to 29th of June and brought together more than 1,000 academics, industry scientists and technologists from around the world involved in laboratory instrumentation, assays, and diagnostics among others. Discngine used this event to launch its new software solution: Discngine Qualification.

In this context, the company was able to apply for the “new product award”! A contest for exhibitors which rewarded recently launch products. Companies’ innovation were evaluated based on 4 criteria: the market opportunity, the impact it brings on its environment, the originality and the presence of a proof of concept. After a first round of presentation to judges, half the participants were eliminated. Then, a  second and final round helped the judges to deliberate and to announce winners.

The team was honored to be part of the final round as the judges appreciated the innovation within Discngine Qualification, and place high hope in the product.

Indeed, Discngine Qualification enables scientists to validate the precision and accuracy of their liquid handling systems over time. The application is workflow-based and lets users easily capture their raw data and validate their robotic processes in real operating conditions (already implemented with the most common readers and platforms). The software can combine colorimetry and gravimetry analyses for a more precise performance evaluation. History of your results is displayed in control charts to easily identify drifts. Finally, QA/QC results can be shared with colleagues and partners thanks to the cloud implementation.

You can subscribe to a free account if you want to discover how Discngine Qualification can help you in your activities, or get more information on Discngine Qualification website