Discngine Qualification

Discngine Qualification offers an efficient way to evaluate and track the accuracy of robotic  processes along the lifespan of the  pipetting platforms by combining the analyses of gravimetry and colorimetry data. 

Register platforms and associated processes (plate reader, solvent, liquid classes). Launch your robotic processes, generate output files and upload them to Discngine Qualification to perform QA/QC. Link the analyses to a qualification campaign, track results over time and easily detect biases.

Share results and statistics with your colleagues and partners with the cloud version or export data in convenient file formats (Microsoft Excel®, TIBCO Spotfire®, CSV)

Discngine Assay

Design and manage your screening campaigns using Discngine Assay. Our Oracle based platform covers analysis of cellular, molecular and high content screening. 



Discngine Sample

Lifecycle management of samples is crucial for proficient research lab activity. Discngine offers advanced solutions for biological and chemical sample management and tracking. 

Discngine Warehouse

Store, manage and consolidate your data using Discngine Warehouse.  Designed to store your historical analysis in a central repository, our platform enables you to integrate data from multiple data sources in a consistent, structured format.

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